Anand Homoeopathic Medical College & Research Institute, Anand


Photograph Name Qualification Designation Teaching Exp. Birthdate Reg. No.


Dr. Fozia Vohra B.H.M.S Asso. Prof. 16 Years 25/06/1979 G-5629
Dr. JatinSheth MD.(HOM) Prof.
Dr. Ashish Brahmbhatt M.S. (ORTHO) Asso. Prof.
Dr. Bhavin Rupera M.S. (ORTHO) Asso. Prof.


Dr. Priyanka Shroff M.D. (HOM) Assi. Prof 3 years 03/01/1986 G- 11318
Dr. Chetan Chudasama M.D. (MED) Assi. Prof
Dr. Minal Soni B.H.M.S.

Homoeopathic Pharmacy

Dr. Narendra Sharma M.D. (HOM) Asso. Prof 33 years 14/10/1959 G- 508
Dr. Hetal Patel B.H.M.S. Asso. Prof 16 years 17/04/1978 G- 5201

Organon of Medicine & Homoeopathic Philosophy

Dr. Chirag Tamboli M.D.(HOM) Prof. 10 years 28/03/1979 G- 5509
Dr. Amish Aacharya M.D.(HOM) Asso. Prof 4 years 25/07/1970 G- 2811
Dr. Swati Mehta M.D.(HOM) Asso. Prof 32 years 20/10/1959 G- 627
Dr. Jalpa Barot M.D.(HOM) Asso. Prof

Homoeopathic Materia Medica

Dr. Rasik Prajapati M.D.(HOM) Asso. Prof 5 years 06/04/1985 G- 9572
Dr. Bankim Patel M.D.(HOM) Asso. Prof
Dr. Kaushal Bhatt M.D.(HOM) Asso. Prof
Dr. Umesh Shah M.D.(HOM) Asso. Prof
Dr. Harish Viththlani B.H.M.S. Prof.
Dr. Lalan Modi B.H.M.S. Sr. MO

Pathology & Microbiology

Dr. Neelam Trivedi M.D.(HOM) Assi. Prof 22 years 04/07/1963 G- 980
Dr. Yogesh Suthar B.H.M.S. Assi. Prof
Dr. Alpesh Sankhaliya M.B.B.S. Assi. Prof

Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

Dr. Jagdish Patel M.B.B.S. Prof. 32 years 30/11/1954 G- 14307
Dr. Prashant Gajjar B.H.M.S. Assi. Prof 3 years 26/06/1985 G- 12087
Dr. Yogendra Bhavsar B.D.S. Prof.

Practice Of Medicine

Dr. Nirav Dave M.D.(HOM) Assi. Prof
Dr. Janak Patel M.D. (MED) Prof
Dr. Deepak Shah M.D.(HOM) Asso. Prof
Dr. Mahmad Kapasi M.B.B.S. Asso. Prof 6 months
Dr. RashminSesil M.D.(PEDIA) Prof. 6 months
Dr. Mrugen Mehta M.D.(PEDIA) Asso. Prof


Dr. Devang Parmar M.D.(HOM) Prof. 7.5 years 03/01/1982 G- 7385
Dr. R.L. Kathrani M.S.(GEN) Assi. Prof G- 15304
Dr. Sujay Joshi M.S. (ENT) Assi. Prof
Dr. Nimesh Patel M.S. (ENT) Prof. G- 25980
Dr. Sunil Vyas M.S. (GEN) Prof. G- 28623
Dr. Hitesh Shah M.S.(OPTH) Prof.

Gynecology and Obstetrics

Dr. Hetal Gujjar M.D. (HOM) Assi. Prof
Dr. Minesh Trivedi M.D. (GYN) Prof
Dr. Jitendra Patel M.D. (GYN) Prof.

Community Medicine

Dr. Jaydrath Patel B.H.M.S. Assi. Prof 10 years 03/06/1980 G- 6130
Dr. Bhavika Shah D.H.M.S. Assi. Prof

Case Taking & Repertory

Dr. Jimish Patel M.D. (HOM) Prof. 7 years 05/11/1981 G- 7427
Dr. Rajesh Shah M.D. (HOM) Asso. Prof.
Dr. Annapurna Mistry M.D. (HOM) Asso. Prof.
Dr. Amee Dave M.D. (HOM) Asso. Prof.