To create a world in which Homoeopathy is universally accepted as important and potent line of treatment based on nature’s way of cure for every suffering humanity.




– बहुजन हिताय, बहुजन सुखाय

To secure a vibrant future for Homoeopathy by :

  • Increasing awareness of Homoeopathy as a valid and effective healthcare option
  • Promoting education and research
  • Providing information and support to patients, students and practitioners
  • Galvanizing and unifying the Homoeopathic community
  • Fostering a culture of clarity, openness, inclusivity and altruism
  • Working independently and in partnership with other organizations to improve healthcare and research projects

Determination- we will not cease in supporting activity that defends the legitimacy of homoeopathy as a valid medical modality

Inspiration- Acknowledgement of the passion and enthusiasm that practitioners inspire in patients and students

Responsibility- All our activity underpinned by the practical and ecological efficiencies demanded by Ayush department and Shri Ramkrishna Seva Mandal and National Commission for Homoeopathy